ElonGate Community,

Our core values are Charity, Clarity, Community, and Sustainability. With these in mind, we are excited to share some of what we’ve been working on behind the scenes.

Highlight: Recent Press and Hype

Bob Menery is an absolute force to be reckoned with, and we got a shoutout on his Instagram:

Charity and Token-Burn Roadmap

On Sunday (4/4) we will have our first Charity Burn Party: we’ll donate to charity AND burn tokens to celebrate! Charity Burn Parties will happen every other sunday!

As you know, 5% of outgoing transactions are transferred as LP Tokens to the Pancakeswap Liquidity Pool.

Charity Burn Party Breakdown

60% of the newly accumulated LP…

When we began this journey less than four days ago, we never imagined we’d receive this level of enthusiasm and support. We wanted to launch a cryptocurrency fueled by memes and internet culture, and leverage that raw power to make a difference for charity. The community explosion has launched us into a whirlwind of passion and action, and we are committed to building a sustainable path forward.


To use the power of a community organized around memes and internet culture to make an impact for charity.


Charity — We can make a real impact for the greater good, not just…

Elongate Token

$Elongate is a cryptocurrency that has become a movement to confront world hunger. elongate.co

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